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seemed like it was time to do one of these.

rookie blue

it's so long (that's what she said) co-written with [ profile] radleyboo
that twitter fic where they're in the hospital and andy brings dov's cop porn for sam and the nurses have a bet going. sam/andy

solo stuff:
is this what trying looks like?
guilt is a powerful motivator. (someone asked why sam was still with marlo. this is my take on that.) sam/andy

dance the way i feel
andy keeps her promise to dance with sam at frank and noelle's wedding. fluff with a hint of angst, set at the end of 4x08 for better, for worse. sam/andy-ish

a story left unfinished
andy goes to see sam in hospital, but someone else is already there. sam/andy

never gonna be over
“so you milk it. you play the 'i got shot and you should feel bad' card. all the time. if you'd known that card was going to be so good, maybe you would've stepped in front of a bullet sooner.” sam/andy

the who did what to whom flow charts of broken dreams
thirty(-one) days of andy mcnally. sam/andy

could this be like that gladys knight song?
apparently cops in toronto have some pretty fancy christmas parties. sam/andy

my bones are shattered from this dance
“He holds on to her so tight, buries himself so deep inside her she wonders sometimes if he'll ever find his way back out.” rated M. sam/andy

somebody's daughter made me walk on water (don't let me sink)
what if sam hadn't gone to andy's place to drop off her suitcase and let her apologize? tumblr prompt-fic in which i humbly rewrite history. sam/andy

a second is short, but more than enough
sam's babysitting leo. sam/andy

the key is f-major
twitter prompt fic: andy loses the keys to sam's truck. sam/andy

you'll shine like gold in the air of summer.
Prompt fic: heat wave. sam's working. andy turns the truck bed into a pool and plans to say she just washed it when he got home, but he comes home early for some reason. i thought it would be funny, plus the sam reaction to a wet bikini clad andy... the only thing keeping him from having a shit fit is that bikini. rated M. sam/andy

(i swear, i'm gonna lose my shit) if you look this way
prompt fic: sam has a dream that andy leaves him for oliver. it's not QUITE that. sam/andy

(i forgot how long a day is) when you count the hours in between part one // part two
the twitter ficlets that turned into a thing. scenes from sam's recovery. sam/andy

so take me under the schoolyard there are kids there who got lost
sam and andy, rocking at moving on.

these dreams will haunt you
“I keep thinking about the future. Kids, park on Sundays. Real life. Something more than this. With her.” okay, Swarek, okay. you got it. except no. because it's me writing this story. sam/andy

these dreams add-ons:

so what were their names

there's a ring in a red velvet box in a drawer

he did all the heavy lifting

just the one wall

just put them on, okay?

this seat is taken

silent witness

too much to drink?
nikki has a bit too much to drink and harry has bring her home. harry/nikki

not enough
sequel to too much to drink? nikki's drunken musings. harry/nikki

staying or going
nikki is going out on a date and harry reluctantly helps her get ready. harry nikki

always watching
nigel gets caught on camera being naughty. everybody knows harry enjoys a peep show, but nikki is less amused. to begin with. sexual content, but nothing too graphic. read at your own discretion, you have been warned. rated R. harry/nikki

walk of shame
nikki wakes up in someone else's bed. but whose? nikki/?

in santa's claws
there's a christmas party at the lab. harry/nikki

no one's gonna tell you it's not worth it
sex, angst, nikki, harry. it's all a depressing mess. rated NC-17 for (semi-)graphic sexual content. harry/nikki

just learn to breathe again
missing scene from intent, takes place near the end, before the last hospital scene, after harry realises that rebecca did a runner. harry/nikki friendship

curing hangovers
sequel to too much to drink? and not enough. it's monday. there is music to be faced. harry/nikki

harry and nikki both dream. just not about the same sort of things. harry/nikki

blind date
harry and nikki both get set up on a blind date. harry/nikki

without a trace

sunlight in a jar
sam gets a new perfume. martin notices. sam/martin

don't let me drown
what sam does at night.

the long goodbye
post-ep for the bogie man. more break-up stuff. short and bitter. sam/martin

common reflex
pre-ep for stolen. there are some things that are worth doing again. sam/martin

just one of those things
hindsight isn't always 20/20. sequel to common reflex. sam/martin

everything else you'll have to dig deeper for. so there.
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