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i finally got around to starting my spooks marathon.

there was a woman in the pilot episode who looked really familiar, and i was sure she had something to do with silent witness and in my head i kept hearing her voice saying sexy things to harry. that makes the list of characters she could've played VERY short. lol.

it turns out she isn't rebecca, she's that woman from series six, only prettier and much more likable now that she isn't seducing the pants off my second favorite pathologist and making him do unethical things.

i like it that for once my brain got it right; i'm less excited about the fact that i can't watch ANYTHING british on television without somehow finding a connection to silent witness. it makes me feel like i should probably get a (new) hobby.

anyway, this is the show where characters die all the time, right?

also, david tennant, i promise i will watch casanova soon, i'm just not sure i'm quite ready to see you naked yet. okay?


Dec. 21st, 2009 10:52 pm
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mostly i just think it's funny that a one-year-old is trashing take that.


Dec. 10th, 2009 03:14 pm
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quick question: i've suffered through all of S6 now. should i reward myself with a nikki-ep or just soldier on with S7 straight away?

sam ryan playing god of everything is really doing my head in...

get it?

Nov. 27th, 2009 01:20 pm
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nothing to say, because i'm pretending to be too busy with housework (hahahahahahahahahaha) but i just saw this on _twat:

twilight is just a bottomless pit of lolz and even the cheap shots are sort of funny.


Nov. 21st, 2009 12:08 am
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not that anything will ever be funnier than this:

eta: omfg the facial hair is real. i thought it was a manip. brb dying laughing.

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so apparently if strep throat isn't treated it can lead to multi-organ failure.

on that cheerful note, goodnight.
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i know i did this a few weeks back, but last night pj pointed me to the actual bbc top 100, so i'm doing it again. this list is from 2003, which is probably why there is no dan brown or stephenie meyer on here. i don't care, their absence still makes me feel happy and tingly inside. i do mourn the loss of william shakespeare somewhat, but mostly because i took that class my first year at uni so i have him pretty well covered.

also, the bible isn't on here. god, you have been pwned. )

this will be my official bucket list of literature, which means i will, at some point in my life, read a rosamunde pilcher novel. making all those years of trying not to become my mother completely wasted.
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i've decided i'm going to give up drinking.

i don't know when i'll do it, but someday.

when i'm 36, probably.

it's good to have plans.
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that is all.
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crazy twilight fans want rob pattinson to drink their blood.

crazy harry potter fans want rupert grint to give them piggyback rides.

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am becoming addicted to skins. am leaving for london tomorrow.

bad timing, self.

especially as am going to pj and djåu's tonight to watch migthy boosh. which i want to be excited about, but i'd just rather stay home and watch skins all night.

and also, wozniacki is playing in a while, and i must watch that...
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it's been a couple of months, and i had nearly forgotten just how brilliant the boat that rocked is, but then i watched this and i remembered.


"night, night?"

i've watched it ten times now, and it still cracks me up.


May. 21st, 2009 04:05 pm
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am slowly catching up on gossip girl.

chuck and vanessa??

oh, ed westwick, please tell me you didn't...

wait, wat?

May. 20th, 2009 07:46 pm
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is there no more without a trace?


this makes me feel the same way as being told that complete strangers have died. like i should be sad, but i'm just not.

i have made a deal with the devil myself. i am not allowed to watch how to be until i've written at least 20 pages more on my dissertation.

also, i say 'also' too often in my entries. also, just, totally, and awesome. which it isn't.

oh, weird old man today asked me if i was waiting for condoms. or, that's what i thought until he told me he knew that because he'd seen it on tv. then i realized he had actually said "waiting for godot." but 'no' still seemed like an appropriate response, just, i could have been less rude and disgusted when i said it.
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that hugh jackman at the oscars video has broken my brain.

the opening notes of human make me laugh out loud.

and the lyrics are all wrong.



Apr. 13th, 2009 01:36 am
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this is all:

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Så sad jeg og kedede mig, og tænkte at jeg kunne deltage i ugens konkurrence på, og så kan man sørme se, at den sidste film jeg var i biffen for at se var Twilight. Fedt nok. Så kan ALLE jo se hvor meget jeg sådan er på toppen af det med at være cool.

Men så kom jeg til at anmelde filmen...

"Hvis denne film ikke var blevet så utroligt populær pga det generelle hype omkring Twilight serien, ville den garanteret været blevet en af den slags kitsch film, man mest ser fordi den er så utroligt morsom i sin elendighed. Den første halve time græmmer man sig måske lidt over skuespillet og (især) replikkerne, men når først man vænner sig til det, er man meget godt underholdt.

Jeg skal i hvert fald have købt dvd'en når den udkommer, og så glæder jeg mig til New Moon."

En RET akavet kommentar, sammen med de 14-åriges "Årh, det her er bare den sejeste film nogensinde! Jeg skal ind og se den for tredje gang i dag."

(Men okay, indrømmet, hvis det ikke var fordi dvd'en udkommer om mindre end en måned (og jeg hellere vil se Slumdog Millionaire og Despero) så havde jeg nok også været nødt til at se den igen. Den er bare så ustyrligt morsom.)

say what?

Dec. 16th, 2008 11:07 am
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There was an earthquake!

In Denmark. (Technically in Sweden, I guess, but still. Shit fell off shelves in Denmark too.)

Can we blame this on global warming? Or maybe George Bush? Surely we can find a way...

Also, Australia? Pretty awesome. The hotness of Hugh Jackman is suddenly obvious to me.
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The internet is back. I was promised for good. It has lasted a day and a half, so I am optimistic.

Oh, and I watched a shitload of tv. Like Grey's. And House. )


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