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2020-01-01 12:00 am
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sticky post...

{ adding } { selectively adding } { not adding }

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2017-01-12 12:21 am

masterlist of fannish scribbles

seemed like it was time to do one of these.

rookie blue )

silent witness )

without a trace )

everything else you'll have to dig deeper for. so there.
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2015-01-07 06:16 pm

ngl, i have like fifteen of these planned already

so i know that this list is originally (or maybe not, idk, it was their logo on it) from popsugar, but i still think it's sort of brilliant, so i'm doing it anyway...

book meme thingy that you should all do )

in other news, christmas was good and wonderfully lacking in drama/medical (non-)emergencies and tomorrow i'm going to see the last hobbit movie. if peter jackson could find something else to do with his time than make really long movies then that'd be great.

oh, and also my only pair of jeans have a hole in them.
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2014-03-29 03:18 am



i got you a flower. it was the pinkest one i could find. i hope you like it:

i also baked you a cake )
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2013-12-05 12:23 pm
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it's not even really funny...

ha ha ha ha. i fail so much at secret santa.

but at least this year i'm actually doing it, so there's that.

just, this thing i'm writing is not fluffy and christmassy and appropriate for fandom stocking filling.

with the way S4 ended, i cannot with the fluff. and also with being me. probably mostly the me bit.

also, what is with this weather? i'm supposed to be going to the gym but it's just too damn far from my bed.
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2013-11-30 07:59 pm

i'm supposed to be at a party right now. i even baked a cake.

so it turns out when you start watching season four of rookie blue thinking about how much it sucks, it's really not so bad.

i'm actually sort of enjoying it in a sort of weird way. idk, i'm only on episode 4, but so far i have not been annoyed with andy once. like, at all.

i'm the person who almost stopped watching this show because andy annoyed the shit out of me in S1 but then big nickel happened, so yeah. yup.

idk, froelle's wedding episode will probably change all that and i'll be ready to hurl stuff at the tv again.
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2013-11-13 10:44 pm

just, the dialog. seriously, the words from their mouths, my god!

so, like, newsroom makes me fucking cry. and also laugh.

i am completely and ridiculously into this show. i enjoy every single character, even the ones i try not to like. except reese, but it's chris messina, so like, you can't actually hate him. what is with guys named jim being adorably in love with girls who have sort of crappy boyfriends, though?

wtf is up with the best shows being summer shows??

also, if you eat so much chocolate you feel sick, the solution is to eat more chocolate. this is fact. nothing that has coconut in it can possibly be bad for you.
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2013-11-09 01:09 am

these piggy slippers are the best thing i ever bought

so, like, there's a remote possibility that fanfiction is making me think nick/andy is sort of okay.

just, his face on the screen totally kills that. those lips were not made for kissing girls, that's all i'm saying.
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2013-10-24 10:39 pm

partying like it's 2009

i'm having an 'i really shouldn't be allowed on the internet' kinda evening. but in the best possible way.

i added agents of shield to my viewing list and still i'm all caught up. well, there is that one episode of awkward. but i can't deal with the whiny teens today.

i feel like there's another show i'm supposed to be watching, i just don't remember which one it is. there are cops involved. it's new. idk.

i'm trying to watch would be kings but my brain just won't. i have a feeling the movie i'm watching is not the one that's playing. because the one i'm watching makes like zero sense. but the director's commentary track in my head is pretty lulzy, so there's that. (just, how do you get moved to IA because you don't know how to play by the rules? i'm confused.)

oh, but, can i just say: the mentalist, bob kirkland? totally called that one. i mean, his brother? why would i ever even think that? idgi.
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2010-03-02 11:42 pm
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this one had a pretty table and stuff

i wanted to do an icon meme so much that i actually googled it... idk, i just haven't done one in ages. and i'm supposed to be doing the dishes right now. and my life is very sad.

this meme needs less <i>silent witness</i> )
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2010-02-25 12:32 am
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i'm fairly sure i'm going to be bored with tumblr before i find a layout i like and manage to tweak it to my satisfaction. and i still have no idea what i'm supposed to do with a tumblr account that i can't just do here.

it's going to be like my twitter, just sitting there, taking up valuable space on the internet.

also, "embedding disabled by request" is my least favourite sentence today...
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2010-02-19 07:52 pm

it's lene marlin all over again

why so harry/nikki shippery, blue october?

if you're not careful you're going to end up in someone's fanvid...

ps. fuck, i miss imeem.
pps. viv, someday i'm going to figure out the right way to sell this show to you. the argument is going to start with how pretty emilia fox is; i'll hide the fact that there are gory autopsies somewhere in the middle so you won't notice; and then i'll end with how pretty emilia fox is. and you're going to be convinced. jsyk.
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2010-02-11 08:02 pm
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proof that i can make up excuses for anything

holy fuck, i've figured it out!

"if you're going to make me act out this horrible script, i'm going to wear these shades for the whole thing, so everyone will know i'm not taking it seriously."


also, i know it's 8pm, shuddup, i'm leaving in five.
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2010-01-17 11:03 pm
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because we played this game at the pub on thursday...

...and everyone thought my choices were really weird.

pack your stuff, we're going to a desert island )

lol. look at me, resisting the pretty and not using a sw icon. high five, self.
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2010-01-16 03:38 am

even mythbusters said it was plausible...

my ship got pumped full of ping-pong balls and resurfaced.

i'm fairly excited. lol.

house, grey's and american idol tomorrow night will not top this. even hugh laurie isn't that awesome. js.

also it's 3.30am and i've eaten about half a pound of sugar to stay awake for part 2. i could feel myself getting high just watching that guy smoking a spliff, but it was probably just the sugar rush.

i'm a fairly cheap date, drug-wise.
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2010-01-13 02:22 pm
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in a perfect world, yes...

out of the possible results, i do think i got the most accurate one, though...

Your result for The Fan Fiction Personality Test...

The True Fan

OOC is blasphemy, canon is everything.

Once you fall in love with a movie, book or TV series, you are loyal like an old dog. You take fanfiction quite seriously and use it as a substitute after the canon ran out.

You are probably a walking dictionary of your favourite fandom and you are picky about what you write and read. The closer to the "real thing" fanfiction is, the more you like it.

You rather explore a character in all depth, see new sides and learn more about them than creating new characters or mix up the situations they are in.

Take The Fan Fiction Personality Test at OkCupid

how long has it been since i did a meme, anyway? lol

ps. i'm using that icon ironically. just so we're clear.
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2010-01-06 06:00 pm

making progress

step aside fake!darcy, make way for captain wentworth.

yeah, i finally finished series two of spooks.

that finale was probably a lot more exciting than i realised, but i just couldn't be arsed, to be honest. it's not only that the "harry"/"tom"/parade of silent witness guest cast is fucking with my mind anymore, i'm also genuinely sick of tom. or, well, i'm sick of matthew macfadyen.

i've figured it out, though. it's his eyes.

eta: yumyumyum. i'm going to like series 3, i think. welcome to my tv screen, rupert penry-jones. (also, hobo is sort of a good look for macfadyen.)
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2010-01-02 01:04 am
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(no subject)


it's LEO!

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2010-01-01 11:22 pm
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i'm not sure i can handle 'waking the dead' as well

okay, this is getting weird.

the series 6 woman from silent witness leaves tom on spooks (she was starting to annoy me again, so thank you for that) and then that doctor lady, who cooked the horrible spag bol for harry while nikki was in hospital, shows up. as a doctor. and sleeps with tom.

so i went on imdb to find out if the woman who plays rebecca on silent witness has ever been on spooks. she hasn't.

but she was in ballet shoes.

why so small, world?


[Poll #1505997]
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2009-12-31 10:36 pm

(no subject)

happt new toea bitwhcwe

were blowingf this popsicle stnae.