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Amazingly, yesterday's class was not bad at all. Well, except for the fact that I was ten seconds late to meet the others in the hallway so they had already found a classroom. So after talking to my History professor and the department secretary, none of whom knew where everyone had gone--although the prof had seen one of my classmates and the secretary had talked to my teacher, but didn't know where he had gone. In the end I just went and knocked on the door to his office, and there they were! Only one guy had shown up, so it was just the two of us and the teacher. I don't think I've ever learned so much in one day... It was really good, I think I'm even getting the hang of the high numbers. And we finished in just three hours--he decided we shouldn't get too far ahead of everyone else--so I was downtown by 2.30pm. I had been counting on 5pm.

So after a bit of rescheduling I went bowling with Gewn and Nadia, which was great fun. (Of course, today my arm is killing me...) In celebration of Gewn's birthday she also got to cook for us, and she even let me watch the handball match, so I was perfectly happy.

Today I watched He Said, She Said, which left me a bit grumpy because it doesn't mesh too well with my new fic, Rogue. But I guess I'll need to see the other eps with Allie in them before I know for real... Until then I suppose I'll just keep writing. I actually finished chapter 1 the other day. I've decided I need to get at least halfway through chapter 2 before the semester starts and then hopefully I'll be ready to start looking for a beta-reader. I will definitely need someone to keep me on my toes when I have homework to do as well, or I won't get anything done for weeks at a time.


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