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Word of the week: Lame.

So, yeah. Wow. How long has it been since I did this, anyway?

Let's just say I was waiting for Veronica Mars to come back on. And then I was waiting until I'd watched EVERYTHING else before I watched that.

Like, Gilmore Girls )

...And Boston Legal )

Oh, and Without a Trace, too... )

And Bones was on as well )

Which brings us to Veronica at last )

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I'm all caught up. On all things television that I want to be caught up on, that it.

It's a little sad, since I timed it so perfectly with EVERYTHING that isn't complete crap being on hiatus. Go, me. :/

But having fallen so deep into the abyss of Boston Legal genius, I think it's been a while since I did this. I remember two VM episodes going by at least.

So let's just start there. )

Who will be MY Lorelai Gilmore? )

Was there a Without a Trace episode? )

There was only one episode of Bones )

Boston Legal gets a post of its own later on. Or possibly with the next Without a Trace. Which will only make it look even better by contrast.

For now my experiment is failing. Not my fault. I blame the internet. And James Spader. Mostly him, I guess. Conan O'Brien seems a little lame, though.


Feb. 10th, 2007 10:30 pm
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I find it amusing that "Imagine Me And You" is promoted as the Valentine's movie to see. Oh, how the times have changed.

Which is my segue from nothing into another rant about the miserable state of television today. Which is not so bad, really.

I officially love Boston Legal. Just when I think Denny has become annoying something hilarious happens, like Denise having a sexual fantasy about him and him finding out and then he's funny all over again. But Tom Selleck is even more annoying on BL than he was on Friends.

Someone said there might be an eight season of Gilmore Girls )

Veronica Mars reminded me of something else this week )

Without a Trace is my deadbeat dad )

There are so many many reasons I shouldn't like Bones )

But, see, even when Bones is bad, it isn't really. And even when WaT is good, it isn't really.
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These are only the most recent episodes of each show. Everything else is a lost cause. Gilmore Girls will be ignored, because I'm not there yet, and I don't care.

I still love Veronica Mars. It's a great show.

But... )

I guess it can't go too many other directions than up from here.

But for the record: I DO like VM. Really. I just don't sound like I do.
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I gave up on saying anything coherent about VM. I actually typed something up, but then I deleted it, because it was just so random.

This is just the bottom line )

For very Veronica reasons this clip from episode 207 of Bones is completely hilarius. Just, seriously. I'm sure it wasn't intentional, and the casting is totally coincidental, but just. "It's called Emo." Yeah. Um...

Actually, I liked the whole episode )
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...Bones is my new favorite show. Hands down. That season finale ROCKED in just the way season finales are supposed to. Like in the good old days of "Is Mulder dead?" -- "Is Scully dying?" -- "When will I see Nicholas Lea's sweaty, naked torso again?" Important stuff like that.

Bones 122: I loved the ending especially!!one!1!! )

Veronica Mars has me a little ambivalent this season so now she's been pushed to second place. )
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It's Friday night and my television week is over. It would've been over two days ago, really, but I only just got around to watching Gilmore Girls now. Everything from now until Monday when I watch Sunday night's Without a Trace (with whatever excitement I can muster) is just filler.

The shocker is Bones was actually the show I enjoyed the most this week. (a mid-season one episode.) I can think of several reasons for this: 1) There are no expectations of greatness: This is just a silly crime show with a very very casual relationship to actual science. It's more about the characters than what actually happens, and even the characters I don't care too much about. 2) The awesome shocking post-opening credit (or possibly pre-opening credits, I can't remember) scene where Bones had been beaten up oh so badly. The effect of that was just so incredibly good that I didn't really care that the rest of the episode was about voodoo and stupid. Those two-three seconds of "Oh! What the fuck?!" made it totally worth it. And it's still funny, in that way where you can't really tell if the show is mocking itself or all the other shows it's trying to mimic. There are more reasons, but moving on, now.

Because Veronica Mars got on my nerves this week )

Gilmore Girls: Three shows for the price of one )

They referred to the same legal technicality on Criminal Intent just now as they did in one of the old episodes of WaT I watched earlier today. It takes very little to amuse me this late at night.


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