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seemed like it was time to do one of these.

rookie blue )

silent witness )

without a trace )

everything else you'll have to dig deeper for. so there.
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i got you a flower. it was the pinkest one i could find. i hope you like it:

i also baked you a cake )
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I'm waiting for part two of the feedback from my beta, but then I thought it would be weird to post a story here that had actually been beta'ed. It's, like, tradition that I post unbeta'ed fics here.

Now, I wrote this one AGES ago, back before Paris withdrew the appeal and went to jail and found God or whatever. Which is actually relevant, sort of.

WaTfic: Laws of Motion (1/1) )
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Found quality WaTfic writer.

Leg only slightly painful at the moment.

Ate too much.
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It's Sunday, I'm way behind on my homework and I had to go to a Birthday party this morning. What a splendid day for writing fanfiction. Well, to be honest, it wasn't fanfiction so much as it was exorcism.

I once swore that I would never write a parody. It always struck me as the most difficult genre to write, because the line between funny and stupid is just so fine. But, well, the Non!Plot Bunny brought me this and was so exasperatingly perky that I wrote it down just so the furry fiend would leave me alone...

Because I just found out how to do cuts and need something to do a cut on I'm putting the fic in my LJ. I will probably post it at at some point, because I'm just stupid enough to think that the people I'm mocking won't get it. Well, unless they frequent [ profile] deleterius they probably won't...

My crap-fic )


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