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In my defence: Boredom made me do it.

Why is it that I have such a weak spot for charity auction fics?

On and off all day I've been trying to find a GOOD WaTfic that I haven't read before. Crazy, I know, but what the hell. I even went to the Pit! I'm a snob and I know it, and I just can't look past the misplaced apostrophes and the mixed tenses and the general shabby writing that some people wrap an otherwise possibly good story in. (I can't say they aren't good stories, some of them, because I give up before I get far enough to say there's no chance they turn out better than I would assume.)

So now I found a charity auction fic. I'm guessing it doesn't have any other merit than Sam being forced to sell herself for some worthy cause. And then of course there's some romantic musing on Martin's part, possibly a few witty remarks from Danny, and then the happy couple spend a perfect evening together and that will be it.

Blah, blah, blah. So cliche it makes me gag.

But for some reason I'll read it anyway. And I would have, too, even if I hadn't swallowed ten pain killers today.

If I had any skills in designing webpages and something like endurance I would set up that elite archive I used to wish for...
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Went to get a new digital camera yesterday. That experience should have been on tv. Just because they're always showing examples of how insurance companies try to screw you over. The computer store screwed them over right back on our behalf and then they screwed themselves over afterward and gave us loads of free stuff and forgot to charge us for the things we WERE supposed to have paid for. The only thing we actually paid for was the insurance on the new camera.

But I haven't taken any pictures of anything to put on here.

Fanfiction is killing my interest in WaT fast. Spoilers are inevitable, and they were bad enough, but then I read this interview with Poppy Montgomery that... I've never sailed a ship that wasn't canon. Ever. I'm not gonna sail one that used to be. I guess I'll have to hope it's like JAG.



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