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crazy twilight fans want rob pattinson to drink their blood.

crazy harry potter fans want rupert grint to give them piggyback rides.

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Randomly prowling LJ I stumbled upon this thing, and since that actual coherent Deathly Hallows review is a long time coming I thought I'd just do this for now. Beware of spoilers.

Two memes in a row. It's like the good old days. )
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Just got back from London and haven't slept in 27 hours so I'm off to bed and hopefully I'll have more luck there than I did at the airport (which was freezing) or the plane (which was equally cold and had too many screaming kids on it), but first I just have to say:


More later, I'm sure.
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I dislike Vibe. A lot. If she hadn't told me about that interview I would never have gone to Leaky, and I wouldn't have begun speculating about Book 7. Argh! I would have just read the books, and then left it alone, but now... I even voted on who got the reprieve. For realz. Gah.

I finally watched Adam's Apples tonight. Good stuff. It was funny in that way that Danish movies used to be funny, before they got all serious. And one of the deleted scenes still has me giggling. The entire movie is just so quotable.

Still haven't cleaned the nasty cupboard, but I cleared out some of the junk, so now I can see most of the filth. Dusted and washed the floor. But my mom isn't coming after all, so it's all pointless.

Yes, I do know my life is boring. No, you don't need to tell me.

Oh, hey, Amy Sedaris is on Letterman. That can't be missed. I heart her. Oh, and her brother, too.
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The bus drivers are on strike. No buses. None. Well, okay, the blue ones, but they run on an imaginary schedule and that sucks. It's cold and clammy and there's snow everywhere. Bus drivers stink.

No, I get that they're unhappy about something, and this is how they complain because talking is useless, but for the rest of us it's just not so cool. At least they didn't do it yesterday when I had a dentist appointment and a train to catch.

Someone at [ profile] deleterius suggested sporking MovieGoF. Makes me wish I'd bought the dvd so I could join in... It should be a good read. All that canon rape going on...
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Just because I'm feeling silly and class today was really boring half the time. I just cannot get worked up about Soviet writer's unions.

Snape's limerick )
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It's Sunday, I'm way behind on my homework and I had to go to a Birthday party this morning. What a splendid day for writing fanfiction. Well, to be honest, it wasn't fanfiction so much as it was exorcism.

I once swore that I would never write a parody. It always struck me as the most difficult genre to write, because the line between funny and stupid is just so fine. But, well, the Non!Plot Bunny brought me this and was so exasperatingly perky that I wrote it down just so the furry fiend would leave me alone...

Because I just found out how to do cuts and need something to do a cut on I'm putting the fic in my LJ. I will probably post it at at some point, because I'm just stupid enough to think that the people I'm mocking won't get it. Well, unless they frequent [ profile] deleterius they probably won't...

My crap-fic )
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Yay, me! I got through another semester. And I did okay. I actually did more than okay, considering how I had thought I would do. My GPA is no worse than it was a year ago.

Also: Two looooong months of not HAVING to do anything. Freedom! Bliss!

I am no longer accompanying every action with an attempt at telling myself what I am doing in Russian. Thank the gods, so says Zena - Warrior Princess. Or At least Gabrielle does a lot...

I'm reading stuff just for fun again. I finished Children of the Arbat even after the exam. It no longer served any purpose (besides, I got 'Girl of my dreams') but I read it because I wanted to find out what happened. I never did. It just ended with "I'm planning on writing a sequel..."

The reunion planning is still an uphill battle. Or, it's not really a battle as much as it is us just sitting around waiting for no one to RSVP. One guy did write a cool e-mail, apologizing and everything. I still don't know how great it will be with so few people, but I'm kinda keen on the idea of doing SOMETHING. And all the people who couldn't bother to tell us they couldn't be bothered to show up can just kiss my a$$.

London is only a few weeks away. I am completely disproportionately excited: it's been way too long since I went anywhere. I just hope we do manage to get our hands on The Book while we're there. That IS why we're going when we are.


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