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It's Sunday, I'm way behind on my homework and I had to go to a Birthday party this morning. What a splendid day for writing fanfiction. Well, to be honest, it wasn't fanfiction so much as it was exorcism.

I once swore that I would never write a parody. It always struck me as the most difficult genre to write, because the line between funny and stupid is just so fine. But, well, the Non!Plot Bunny brought me this and was so exasperatingly perky that I wrote it down just so the furry fiend would leave me alone...

Because I just found out how to do cuts and need something to do a cut on I'm putting the fic in my LJ. I will probably post it at at some point, because I'm just stupid enough to think that the people I'm mocking won't get it. Well, unless they frequent [ profile] deleterius they probably won't...

My crap-fic )
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I know, I know. It's been forever.

The new semester started a few weeks ago. Pity the fool who is me for thinking this would be the EASY semester. The only positive thing I can think of to say about it is that I have no exams this Christmas. And that's not really a good thing, because that just means I will have more exams next Summer... Uh, yay?

When OotP came out I promised myself that I would never ever ever ever read HP fanfiction. The reasoning behind that is not particularly interesting, but the most important fact was: I did not want to stumble upon all the crap out there. Because the crap IS out there. It always is. But then came HBP. MarySues came running at me left and right begging that THEY be the one to save Snape and restore his reputation. Right, says I. I was pushed to the point of actually contemplating writing some of them down, just to get tham out of my head, and somewhere (I'm not telling where exactly, you might find them and embarrass me!) I have a few quickly jotted down notes about those horrid MarySues. It worked. Sort of. But then I got tempted. Because, just like the crap is out there, the good stuff very often is, too. And the first fanfic I ever read was so over the top MarySue that it wasn't even funny, but it was GOOD. Really good. So, I thought, someone must have done what I've been thinking about doing, and done it well.

Not long after that I got to chatting with Gwennafran, and somehow, I'm not sure how it happened, the idea of the PotterFicSnob archive was born. I had searched for a quality fanfic archive, similar to Proud & Prejudiced of GGdom, but hadn't been able to find one. So, why not make one yourself?

The only problem was that in order to archive anything, I would have to read something. Foolishly optimistic I set out. I found one archive that sort of promoted itself as a "selective" archive, and they do apparently reject stuff sometimes. I'm just not really sure what... It's not 'all things horrid' that's for sure...

For now, I'm thinking will be just a blank page with the heading "Home of GOOD Harry Potter fanfiction." The astute observer will of course notice that there is nothing there...

So, unable to find any GOOD fanfiction, I have found an LJ forum where they expose the truly crappy stuff. I've applied for membership, not really sure what I'm getting into, but I read a bit of what's there, and honestly... I try to be nice... But... There are just people out there who would have been much better off dyslexic.

And now I'm seriously late for class... Ugh!

EDIT: When I said I'm not telling you where, I didn't mean on-line. Duh! Would I put stuff like that on the Internet? Would I do that to myself? Or other people?? No, I meant hidden drawers and secret cabinets and the like. In my room. Honestly!


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