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Yesterday I went to hand in my last paper at the English Department. The Head of Studies was out (Absurdly I ALWAYS manage to show up outside of everyone's office hours. I have impeccable timing.) but one of the nice secretaries promised to pass it on. Which is fine, because I know she'll get it to him fast, but also bugs me, because I don't know whether I got all the info they need on my application. Oh, well. One thing has to go right this month, and seeing how it is the 27th, this could very well be it...

Afterwards I had lunch with a friend and we went shopping for school supplies (I have been shopping for school supplies for all of the 12 months I have been out of school, so by now I am really VERY well supplied). I found some new pens that I really like. They're a little big, maybe, but nicer looking than the other good ones I found last month. And we all know the importance of pretty pens. I also bought an African mask for my wall at Fair Trade and a new sweater. Seeing how I am in a desperate need of new pants getting a sweater seemed appropriate. I hate shopping for pants, after all.

I have finally decided to paint my walls. Purple. So today I called the stupid-ass janitor and let him know about my decision. He was just as appalled as everyone else I have told. (My mother is NOT one of the people I have told.) It seems there is a rule that he has to try and talk me out of it. Luckily I have no respect for him or anything he thinks it is his job to do so he did not succeed and he relented at last. I read the rules very carefully, after all, and know that I am allowed. So I headed straight for the paint store and spent about five minutes picking out a purple-ish-lavender sort of color. It's not exactly what I had in mind, but apparently proper purple is really ugly when it's paint. And also very dark for a teeny-tiny room like mine.

But anyway, my weekend will be spent wearing really old clothes and singing "grab your brush and grab your rollers" on the the of my lungs.

"I LOVE to paint."


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