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Yay, me! I got through another semester. And I did okay. I actually did more than okay, considering how I had thought I would do. My GPA is no worse than it was a year ago.

Also: Two looooong months of not HAVING to do anything. Freedom! Bliss!

I am no longer accompanying every action with an attempt at telling myself what I am doing in Russian. Thank the gods, so says Zena - Warrior Princess. Or At least Gabrielle does a lot...

I'm reading stuff just for fun again. I finished Children of the Arbat even after the exam. It no longer served any purpose (besides, I got 'Girl of my dreams') but I read it because I wanted to find out what happened. I never did. It just ended with "I'm planning on writing a sequel..."

The reunion planning is still an uphill battle. Or, it's not really a battle as much as it is us just sitting around waiting for no one to RSVP. One guy did write a cool e-mail, apologizing and everything. I still don't know how great it will be with so few people, but I'm kinda keen on the idea of doing SOMETHING. And all the people who couldn't bother to tell us they couldn't be bothered to show up can just kiss my a$$.

London is only a few weeks away. I am completely disproportionately excited: it's been way too long since I went anywhere. I just hope we do manage to get our hands on The Book while we're there. That IS why we're going when we are.


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