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step aside fake!darcy, make way for captain wentworth.

yeah, i finally finished series two of spooks.

that finale was probably a lot more exciting than i realised, but i just couldn't be arsed, to be honest. it's not only that the "harry"/"tom"/parade of silent witness guest cast is fucking with my mind anymore, i'm also genuinely sick of tom. or, well, i'm sick of matthew macfadyen.

i've figured it out, though. it's his eyes.

eta: yumyumyum. i'm going to like series 3, i think. welcome to my tv screen, rupert penry-jones. (also, hobo is sort of a good look for macfadyen.)
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it's LEO!

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okay, this is getting weird.

the series 6 woman from silent witness leaves tom on spooks (she was starting to annoy me again, so thank you for that) and then that doctor lady, who cooked the horrible spag bol for harry while nikki was in hospital, shows up. as a doctor. and sleeps with tom.

so i went on imdb to find out if the woman who plays rebecca on silent witness has ever been on spooks. she hasn't.

but she was in ballet shoes.

why so small, world?


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i finally got around to starting my spooks marathon.

there was a woman in the pilot episode who looked really familiar, and i was sure she had something to do with silent witness and in my head i kept hearing her voice saying sexy things to harry. that makes the list of characters she could've played VERY short. lol.

it turns out she isn't rebecca, she's that woman from series six, only prettier and much more likable now that she isn't seducing the pants off my second favorite pathologist and making him do unethical things.

i like it that for once my brain got it right; i'm less excited about the fact that i can't watch ANYTHING british on television without somehow finding a connection to silent witness. it makes me feel like i should probably get a (new) hobby.

anyway, this is the show where characters die all the time, right?

also, david tennant, i promise i will watch casanova soon, i'm just not sure i'm quite ready to see you naked yet. okay?


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