May. 21st, 2009 04:05 pm
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am slowly catching up on gossip girl.

chuck and vanessa??

oh, ed westwick, please tell me you didn't...

wait, wat?

May. 20th, 2009 07:46 pm
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is there no more without a trace?


this makes me feel the same way as being told that complete strangers have died. like i should be sad, but i'm just not.

i have made a deal with the devil myself. i am not allowed to watch how to be until i've written at least 20 pages more on my dissertation.

also, i say 'also' too often in my entries. also, just, totally, and awesome. which it isn't.

oh, weird old man today asked me if i was waiting for condoms. or, that's what i thought until he told me he knew that because he'd seen it on tv. then i realized he had actually said "waiting for godot." but 'no' still seemed like an appropriate response, just, i could have been less rude and disgusted when i said it.
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That's the end of my Tuesday night line-up. Which is not really much of a line-up at all. Just CSI and silly Top Model. I swear those girls get less pretty every year...

And after a day of repeats that just went on forever (JAG x2, Without a Trace x2, Gilmore Girls, Providence x2) by the time CSI rolled 'round I couldn't be bothered to look up from my homework, which was not all that interesting. But who the hell was that woman, who turned up to talk to Nick (thank you for shaving, btw) and then just left? They should repeat CSI so I can get to watch those 20 eps I missed while I was in Australia. Not that I think the answer will then magically appear. Either she's one of those faces I will never be able to recognize, or no one knows.

But, anyway, what am I supposed to do with the rest of my night? I caved and watched the last WaT ep yesterday, and when it wasn't too stupid it was kind of funny. The 'rock, scissor, paper' bit cracked me up. But I didn't get the tomatoes. Cute and all sharing-like, sure, but WTF?

"Globe Sessions" is my new fanfic soundtrack.

Accomplishment of the day: Made CanonRape avatar. Screw the banner - it's too much work finding good pictures.


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