May. 5th, 2006 09:14 am
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Pollen is teh ebul. My whole face is swollen. But my lips look purdy.

Thursday Bar was quiet. But I convinced Rune to come save my poor LJ. Yes.

Today is Boat Race Day. OH, yeah! I have no clue who is doing the commentary, but I just hope it isn't Dolph again. He just isn't funny anymore. Amazing that a hippo that fat could jump the shark. But it doesn't matter, because the weather is perfect.

That Commander in Chief trailer is just becoming SO annoying.

There's a concert/party type thing at Clement Square. And some DF member went on television saying partying today is wrong, because today is WW2 Liberation Day. And that's not something to celebrate? No, no, this woman honestly felt that we should all sit at home and ponder history and feel sad. This is not a day for happiness. What? You're SAD the nazis left? Stupid bitch. They interviewed her at the same time as the guy in charge of the party/concert/whatever and he seemed to think she was real funny. Which she was. But just, ugh, the stupid.

Any student who saw that will be getting extra special drunk at the Race just for her.

And now, off to the LAST RUSSIAN LIT CLASS EVER!
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Last night I braved the Thursday bar with no crutches. This turned out to be a bad idea, of course, because, really, that's just too far to walk. But I took the bus there (feeling pretty silly) and had the pleasure of becoming a "witness" in some guy's potential law-suit against the 120-year-old bus driver, who had a threatening attitude when he asked an 18-year-old-ish boy not to bring his bicycle on the bus because that's against the rules. Sure, I'll testify to you being stupid and a jackass. So the bus driver and I had a good laugh about that as we drove off, leaving the kid behind.

The bar itself was good. Semi-Swede hurt his leg as well playing soccer a few days ago, and now he's even more pathetic than me. And Esther and Signe had the bar (and the stereo) so the music was decidedly better. Everybody likes D.A.D. anyway.

Today started out great when I found money I forgot I had in the clothes I was wearing. But then class was way boring. A no-break two hour lecture on "-isms" in Russian literature after 1860. We saw some cool ass paintings and listened to some cool ass poems, but the rest of it was just blah. Then I waited twenty minutes for a bus in the rain and went down-town to buy my mother's b-day present. And yes, I was right, it IS cheaper on-line, so I didn't get anything. But I went to Pizza Hut with Daniel and he spilled pizza all over me--and I was going straight to the Friday Bar (annual Professor Bar, not to be missed. They are hilarious when they're that drunk. And then they give the drinks away for free.) so I had to BUY clean clothes. Which turned out to be cool, because it took like forty minutes to find an outfit that I can actually get away with wearing to my aunt's sixtieth birthday party in July, and I don't hate it.

(Edit: Just because maybe it's not obvious. No, I didn't go to the Friday Bar wearing something I would also wear to a sixtieth birthday party. Just the skirt. It's black and has silly beads on it. And I kept on my "it worries me how dumb you are" t-shirt to make up for the shiny-ness of the skirt.)

And Friday Bar was cool. Tanktop has grown up since I saw him last. You could actually tell that he's older than me! Weirdness. And he's going to be a High School teacher. Bizarro-world. But it's cool. He's cool, and he'll be that hip young teacher all the girls have crushes on and all the guys like, and he'll be their friend if they shut up in class and do their homework. And he was SO enthusiastic about it, he made me think maybe being a teacher wouldn't be THAT terrible. But now that he's gone and the magic has worn off, yes, it is.

I was convinced that watching Gilmore Girls would make Veronica Mars look good by comparison, but it actually didn't.


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