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That's it. I'm not wasting any more time dicking around with my website. It's moved, and "tolerable, I suppose," and that's as good as it gets. Really, there's ONE story on there that's less than a year old. It doesn't deserve that kind of time. Also, I made a WaT post-it, just in case. What the hell does that mean?

I'm actually looking forward to the WaT repeat this afternoon. It's part two of the Barry Mashburn story. Continuity-wise it confuses the hell out of me (Well, no, Martin does that later, but whatever) but it's still cool. It's all relative, right? I mean, the trailer for this week's episode was crap.

Clement reminded me why I love him on Saturday. He really did it on Friday, but I didn't watch it then. He made Helle T make sense, and then he had an actor on (I don't remember who it was) and asked him something about his true character and acting and what's really you, and that sort of thing. And what does the actor do? Quotes Kierkegaard. Verbatim. I don't know. To me, that was hilarious. I know it's not uncanny, because Todorov taught me that I wouldn't even have noticed if it weren't for VM. And that kind of makes it even funnier.

I watched The Butterfly Effect last night. I wasn't going to, but there was nothing else on. It'll never be Lola Rennt, but for a movie with Ashton Kutcher in it, it was actually pretty good. Maybe I'll find him a little less annoying now?

The list of cd's that I just have to own is up to like 50. I've found about ten of them in Danish music stores and Play has even fewer. Awesome. Then again, I have no money, so what does it matter, really? Except that they suck.

Oh, and waxing your armpits without reading the instructions? I don't recommend it. It'd be funny if it didn't hurt so much. But at least the disgusting green goo is all gone.

Boring stuff I'm supposed to get done during break but probably won't )
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Things to do before watching WaT:

Literature translation
History translation

Grammar assignment
Read The Jungle Books

VM rant coming later.


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