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We'll see if I can manage to stay on-line long enough to update. I'm at Uni with my laptop, and the wireless connection here is completely hopeless.

The weather has been perfect this morning. The weather man said all this rain means that Winter is over, but I don't really care about that. I just love that even the red brick buildings look pale and gray. When I got out of the shower the rain fell so hard on the tin roof it drowned out my music. I'm on the second floor, so in the moment pulling up the blinds and looking out the window in my underwear seemed less stupid than it does in retrospect. Well, no one was out, so whatever.

Well, if I'm to make it to class on time I had better get hopping. For our listening pleasure Ib will pick apart The Jungle Books.
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It's that wonderful time of year again. Yeah, that's right: it's exam time...

Exams pretty much always suck, because there's so much to learn and way too little time to learn it. I have a very long record of "48-hour revision". Sometimes that works well and sometimes it doesn't, but it has always meant that I get some down-time between exams.

It's not like that anymore. I don't mean that I spend a lot more than 48 hours revising for exams, I just mean there's no down-time. Because the brilliant professors at the Slavic department have a habit of continuing classes during exams. A course only ends once the exam is over. So I have classes this Monday and Tuesday, an exam om Wednesday, and classes again on Thursday and Friday. And then another exam next Monday. So this means I need to do my homework AND find time to revise for my exams during the same amount of time that I usually spend struggling to get all my homework done. There's something seriously wrong with that.

And to add insult to injury I have the flu. So I'm sitting in bed with my laptop -- feeling really happy I bought that legged breakfast tray the last time I was in IKEA -- trying to focus for long enough to update my LJ. Five minutes is my record so far. Then I have to lie down or close my eyes for a while.

When doing something simple like updating my LJ takes this much effort, can you imagine how much trouble I have revising or doing my homework?

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Well, I'm not reading FLUENTLY exactly, but it has gotten much, much better since Friday. I actually found myself enjoying the first class today. During the second one the teacher started asking questions I didn't understand at all, and the fun kinda went out of it, but at least it's better than last week. So for the next couple of days I'll focus on vocabulary, and we'll see how it goes.

I'm guessing more hard work, and not the interesting and exciting kind, but I have by now spent a fortune on books so there's no way I'm just gonna give it up willy-nilly. I mean, I spent as much money on books in the last four days than I do on food in two months... Scary thought.

On a more happy note, I got chapter six of "Is This Anything?" back from Ash this morning so I can post that on Wednesday and that'll be an incentive to work on chapter seven. I didn't mange to work all the new stuff into chapter six, so now I think I'll put it in chapter seven and eight. And then I'll probably have to add an extra ninth chapter... It'll be interesting to see how that works out. (How did it happen, though? I had SUCH a clear outline down...)
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So Newton got an apple in the head and realized that everything that goes up must come down. That's how I had the discovery of gravity explained to me. No one ever told me who threw the apple up to begin with.

I realized today that when my mood goes down it must, eventually, come up. Which is why I am sitting here listening to teen-angst music updating my LJ instead practicing my Russian enunciation. (When I say Boris it really sounds more like Paris, only with the stress gone wrong, but hey.)

No, I actually did promise myself that by Monday I would be able to read fluently. Not stumbling over every other letter. Because right now I am hating my decision to leave the English Department to study Russian--to the point where I am even missing the secretaries--but I refuse to just drop it and do European Studies so I can be back "home" by next September. And out of University in two years. I don't know what scares me most, really, finishing, or this continuing to suck the way it does.

I think it's first boyfriend syndrome. I got on SO well with English, and I loved it from the day I found out we would be reading "Pride & Prejudice" in first year English Lit. Not even the crappy grammar teacher who wouldn't take 'gut feeling' for an answer but wanted everything explained by rules could put me off it. I just stayed away from her classes and read the grammar book the last two days before exams. (I'm hating the B today, of course, but I really think those sunny Thursday afternoons when the others were stuck in the classroom were worth it.)

Russian I don't get on so very well with. Russian is, I think, the guy who looked better from across the street.

But even really ugly boys can turn out to be nice, right? And you don't HAVE to love them. You can just grow to like them and become friends. It doesn't have to happen overnight.

And I would hate to be a quitter. So I've given myself the weekend to learn to like. Or at least to learn it. Because today was totally humiliating because I missed yesterday's class and didn't know as much as the others. I HATE looking stupid(er). And I have this theory that if I'm as good at it as the others, and I understand what's going on, I'll eventually get to like it more. If I don't, at least I'll have given it a try, and then you're not a quitter, you're just someone who's realized that this isn't for you. And that's fair.

And it's a wonderful theory that has only one flaw: I just discovered a "new" great author at A prolific one. What bugs me is, I know the pen name I've just never read the fics. How did I miss this? And how can I go on another day not having read all these many stories? Or at least the many non-post season four-ones.

Having two more chapters of "learn the goddamn alphabet, will ya!" left for tonight, that is quite the conundrum.

Do I want to sit here humming "On" "Ana" "Ani" or do I want to read another JJ fic? Oooh, tough one...

The discovery is good news, though, and it's not like I'm not the queen of procrastination, so I'll manage. But the all-time favorite good thing that happened to me today: My very last exam was finally registered. And back-dated to August 30, which is within the deadline created for me by the Admissions Office. Yay me! So I will be receiving my Bachelor diploma one of these days, and whatever happens with Russian, no one will be able to take that away from me. I have now officially earned the right to do a minor and write my thesis.

All I need to know now, is that it doesn't matter when I do it...
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Yesterday I went to hand in my last paper at the English Department. The Head of Studies was out (Absurdly I ALWAYS manage to show up outside of everyone's office hours. I have impeccable timing.) but one of the nice secretaries promised to pass it on. Which is fine, because I know she'll get it to him fast, but also bugs me, because I don't know whether I got all the info they need on my application. Oh, well. One thing has to go right this month, and seeing how it is the 27th, this could very well be it...

Afterwards I had lunch with a friend and we went shopping for school supplies (I have been shopping for school supplies for all of the 12 months I have been out of school, so by now I am really VERY well supplied). I found some new pens that I really like. They're a little big, maybe, but nicer looking than the other good ones I found last month. And we all know the importance of pretty pens. I also bought an African mask for my wall at Fair Trade and a new sweater. Seeing how I am in a desperate need of new pants getting a sweater seemed appropriate. I hate shopping for pants, after all.

I have finally decided to paint my walls. Purple. So today I called the stupid-ass janitor and let him know about my decision. He was just as appalled as everyone else I have told. (My mother is NOT one of the people I have told.) It seems there is a rule that he has to try and talk me out of it. Luckily I have no respect for him or anything he thinks it is his job to do so he did not succeed and he relented at last. I read the rules very carefully, after all, and know that I am allowed. So I headed straight for the paint store and spent about five minutes picking out a purple-ish-lavender sort of color. It's not exactly what I had in mind, but apparently proper purple is really ugly when it's paint. And also very dark for a teeny-tiny room like mine.

But anyway, my weekend will be spent wearing really old clothes and singing "grab your brush and grab your rollers" on the the of my lungs.

"I LOVE to paint."


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