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seemed like it was time to do one of these.

rookie blue )

silent witness )

without a trace )

everything else you'll have to dig deeper for. so there.
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I'm waiting for part two of the feedback from my beta, but then I thought it would be weird to post a story here that had actually been beta'ed. It's, like, tradition that I post unbeta'ed fics here.

Now, I wrote this one AGES ago, back before Paris withdrew the appeal and went to jail and found God or whatever. Which is actually relevant, sort of.

WaTfic: Laws of Motion (1/1) )
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Word of the week: Lame.

So, yeah. Wow. How long has it been since I did this, anyway?

Let's just say I was waiting for Veronica Mars to come back on. And then I was waiting until I'd watched EVERYTHING else before I watched that.

Like, Gilmore Girls )

...And Boston Legal )

Oh, and Without a Trace, too... )

And Bones was on as well )

Which brings us to Veronica at last )

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...but it does. It's sad. It's pathetic. It's sadly pathetic.

It's another reason to keep watching Without a Trace )

Or whatever.
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Music is in honor of the G.O.D.

The thing about Without a Trace is... )

[Space to prevent BL from becoming contaminated by WaT suckiness.]

I'm not saying Boston Legal is PERFECT... )
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I'm all caught up. On all things television that I want to be caught up on, that it.

It's a little sad, since I timed it so perfectly with EVERYTHING that isn't complete crap being on hiatus. Go, me. :/

But having fallen so deep into the abyss of Boston Legal genius, I think it's been a while since I did this. I remember two VM episodes going by at least.

So let's just start there. )

Who will be MY Lorelai Gilmore? )

Was there a Without a Trace episode? )

There was only one episode of Bones )

Boston Legal gets a post of its own later on. Or possibly with the next Without a Trace. Which will only make it look even better by contrast.

For now my experiment is failing. Not my fault. I blame the internet. And James Spader. Mostly him, I guess. Conan O'Brien seems a little lame, though.


Feb. 10th, 2007 10:30 pm
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I find it amusing that "Imagine Me And You" is promoted as the Valentine's movie to see. Oh, how the times have changed.

Which is my segue from nothing into another rant about the miserable state of television today. Which is not so bad, really.

I officially love Boston Legal. Just when I think Denny has become annoying something hilarious happens, like Denise having a sexual fantasy about him and him finding out and then he's funny all over again. But Tom Selleck is even more annoying on BL than he was on Friends.

Someone said there might be an eight season of Gilmore Girls )

Veronica Mars reminded me of something else this week )

Without a Trace is my deadbeat dad )

There are so many many reasons I shouldn't like Bones )

But, see, even when Bones is bad, it isn't really. And even when WaT is good, it isn't really.
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This is me building character. My mother used to say, when you start something, you finish it, even if you realize halfway through that you don't like it. She was talking about how I was always bitching and moaning about dance class and gymnastics, but I think it applies here as well.

Without a Trace gets no awards from me this week. )

The worst thing is, the suckiness of the show does not stop fanfic ideas popping into my head.

Boston Legal doesn't go behind a cut because it's early season two, so it shouldn't be spoilery to anyone on planet Earth, I think.

I really really like this show, but...

Is it okay that I liked season one better?

I miss Lori. That's all, actually.

I get that she was replaced by Denise, but so far I don't really care about Denise. Julie Bowen just doesn't do the bitch act very convincingly for me. Maybe it will change when she gets to do other things than get divorced.

But I'll still miss Lori. And it will still bother me that she has just disappeared without explanation. Yes, I saw Monica Potter sitting there in the room when they were discussing some case, but that was it. No reason for why Lori wasn't doing anything anymore, no conclusion to the complaint against Denny, nothing. At least Tara left a note!

Denny and Alan just amuse the hell out of me. I laugh out loud. Very few shows make me laugh out loud.

When they've finished showing S2 I'll catch up on S3. I think I must.

I look forward to Bones and Veronica Mars coming back. Muchly.
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These are only the most recent episodes of each show. Everything else is a lost cause. Gilmore Girls will be ignored, because I'm not there yet, and I don't care.

I still love Veronica Mars. It's a great show.

But... )

I guess it can't go too many other directions than up from here.

But for the record: I DO like VM. Really. I just don't sound like I do.
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I still haven't watched last week's Gilmore Girls. There are two possible explanations: I don't care enough to, and I'm still catching up on Bones, and that's better. Both make sense.

I have watched this week's Without a Trace, however.

I am Jack's broken heart. )

I watched Veronica Mars, too, but I'm bored with talking out of my ass now.
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I guess having two good episodes of Without a Trace in a row really is too much too ask, and I should've known that, but do they need to punish me for it?

(There's a very small chance that it looks so bad because last week it was so good, but I don't really care about that. They decide the order in which the episodes are shown. If they wanted this to have looked like it sucked less, they should've put it after Candy.

Due to completely ridiculous and crappy content viewer discretion is advised )
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The mailman is still refusing to deliver, so instead of reading about crazy people I watched crazy people on Without a Trace.

[ profile] eskimo_jo said it was good this week, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. Also, the promo looked SO silly, so I wasn't convinced.

But, yeah...

Subtext, will you marry me? )

But there's NO WAY I'm watching next week's promo. I don't want to know anything, I want to just be allowed to hope that they'll manage two in a row.
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I know I still haven't said anything about last week's shows, but I thought I'd do the 100th Without a Trace ep while I still remember it...

Random commentary: The good, the bad and the ugly )

Oh, and next week's promo looks like a parody. Heh.
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Someone suggested (again) that Poppy is pregnant. Not because of her awful wardrobe but because apparently "Hollywood says so." Whatever the hell that means. No source listed or anything, so it's probably just another false rumor, but still I get way too stressed out about it.

I have no faith at all that it will be handled well. None.

I'm leaning towards more of a "The Nanny" approach than "The X-Files". With XF, I never knew GA was pregnant until someone told me she named the kid after a ship(!). I know I'm clueless, but I hadn't heard and I didn't notice. There were some jokes that made a lot more sense when I found out, but I didn't pick up on it. On "The Nanny", the palm trees and folders weren't enough at all. The camera angles were just so wrong. But at least they made jokes about it, and knew it was obvious. It was a comedy, so they could sort of get away with it, even if I didn't love it, personally.

With WaT, I don't think there will be any jokes, not even subtle amusing ones, I just think they will do a crappy job of working around it. Probably the solution will be to hardly have Sam in the episodes at all, and certainly not doing anything action. At least I'm fairly confident they won't make SAM pregnant as well.

That would just throw the show into the very depths of the pits of stupid. The idea that she and Martin have been secretly involved and now "oops" does not appeal to me AT ALL. I'm not sixteen, so I don't think that's cool. Also, I'm not an idiot. Not about this, anyway.

The last shred of hope for a turn I still cling to will vaporize if this turns out to be true. (But of course I will continue to watch: I don't drive slowly past car accidents, I do this instead.)

(And now this gets slightly spoiler-y. Not enough for me to bother with a cut, because I'm just talking about the promo. But you have been warned.)

The promo for next week's episode annoys me. I'm totally insensitive and not American, but I am SICK AND TIRED of every crime/drama show having to have an episode about Katrina. Not that I ever believed that 100th episodes are ever especially good just because they're 100th episodes, but the people seemed to think they were doing something cool and special. Um, no.

Oh, and I still haven't bitched about last week's ep. I will later, I think. Do I need to say that I didn't love it, or is that obvious?
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Possibly this was the longest episode of Without a Trace to ever air. I took a break to watch the news around the middle, which made it feel like a two-parter. And I don't mean that as a compliment.

All For One What, WaT? )
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I need a snazzier layout. I just don't want to make one now, because WaT hurts my brain and I'm worried what I might do.

.avi files kill WinDVD. I can play them, but I can't cap them. This sucks.

What's with all the awkwardness on television these days?

Without a Trace: Candy )

Gilmore Girls 701 )

Oooooh. Popular on Channel 5. First episode today. Lurve.
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Well, fuck that.

All summer I've been completely spoiler free. Everywhere. For EVERY show. I know nothing. Except that they DO apparently manage to escape in Prison Break, but we're in season one, unlike the rest of the known universe, so it's a different story. People will talk, ads are everywhere.

I don't even know when Veronica Mars comes back on, because, well, I'm not risking hearing anything I don't want to know.

With Without a Trace I've been especially adamant. I've navigated Destined with some trepidation all summer for fear of accidentally falling on something more substantially spoiler-y than "Zomg! Is Sam pregnant?" (Here I was not upset by the possible spoiler, but rather by the fact that people are stupid enough to believe that.) This morning, in my search for a good cast photo that isn't already on EVERY goddamn WaTpage, I go to the Cast Photo thread. It seems safe, right? Wrong. There's some scanned article (how that is a cast photo I don't know...) which obviously has spoilers. And there are people writing COMMENTS ABOUT THE FUCKING SPOILERS! And then there's someone saying something about one of the pics, and I'm an idiot and have to see it. Well, I don't find the pic, but I do find spoilers about almost everything I didn't want spoiled.

This is why I don't go to the spoilers section. I don't want to know this shit!! I don't want the good news because I want to be pleasantly surprised, and I don't want the bad news because I don't want to agonize over it until it's actually there. Any excitement I had managed to imagine feeling about season five has shriveled up and died.

WaT 501 spoiled. See? It's very simple. Just a little warning like that. Geez! )


Sep. 25th, 2006 05:35 pm
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I'm incredibly bored and there's nothing but repeats on tv, so I made a ficmix to go with the WaTfic I'm supposedly working on. That's to say, I made some cover art to go with the playlist I put together when I first began writing. Because when [ profile] eskimo_jo does it, it's so cool, and I want to be cool too. Some day.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Cover art and lyric samples )

ETA: Now cross-posted to [ profile] sweet_delusions


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