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okay, this is getting weird.

the series 6 woman from silent witness leaves tom on spooks (she was starting to annoy me again, so thank you for that) and then that doctor lady, who cooked the horrible spag bol for harry while nikki was in hospital, shows up. as a doctor. and sleeps with tom.

so i went on imdb to find out if the woman who plays rebecca on silent witness has ever been on spooks. she hasn't.

but she was in ballet shoes.

why so small, world?


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I promised myself I'd update before I went to bed today so here I am, even if I can hardly keep my eyes open. Went to a housewarming (not mine), which was fun. (At least for me, who was too tired to make much sense to anyone else not as sleep-deprived.)

I actually managed to get to Ikea and to the Admission's Office. The first went surprisingly well, the latter not so much. Apparently what I am doing is not allowed and getting permission to do it is very very hard. Which is ridiculous, because the people who won't allow it really have no reason to say no. It's not really any of their business when the departments have okay'ed it... Because it's not that I'm not allowed to do both degrees, I just can't do them at the same time.

So will they get me the grants to stay in school an extra year? I think not...

In the words of Bridget Jones: Stupid arse.

But hey, he said I was allowed to try to get permission, so now I have one more letter to write--oh, joy... At least I have been allowed to sit in on the class I can't register for until I know what'll happen, so I will be able to take the exam this semester if everything works out.

I read through what I have of chapter six of Is This Anything. I thought I was a third of the way through it, but then I thought of something else I might want to get in there as well, so now it looks like it will be a seriously long chapter. Not that I managed to write a word today. Hopefully I'll 'feel inspired' tomorrow.

After a few hours' sleep.



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