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Aug. 17th, 2006 12:24 pm
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I HATE LJ. I really, really do. I was dicking around trying to create a new layer so that I could save my current layout for when I wanted to make a new one. I didn't REALLY want to make a new layout now, because my mind is a blank, but yeah, I wanted to have it done, so I wouldn't need to think about it. And what happens? My layout is deleted. Gone. Vanished. LJ-aliens took it and threw it down a black hole.

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I wasted an hour (possibly more) of Gwennafran's life trying in vain to put a header image on my LJ. I couldn't do it myself, and she's way better than me at this stuff. Gah! Is it supposed to be that hard? But I'm lovin' all these user pics.

One-day festivals suck this year. Stiften Rocker is cool: D-A-D, Big Fat Snake, Kashmir, Sanne Salomonsen, Dolph & Wulff, Henning Stærk, and Le Freak Manzini. But it's next Friday. Why?

Grøn Koncert? Who gives a fuck: Magtens Korridorer, Poul Krebs, Tina Dickow, Nik & Jay, ANDEN MED BAND, Nephew, L.O.C., Thomas Helmig. I wouldn't mind listening to Tina Dickow, even if she isn't all that cool live, and Nephew would be awesome, but if I had to listen to Nik & Jay and L.O.C. I'd hurt myself. And the others I just don't care about either way.

And the SilkeRock website still reads "There will be no SilkeRock in 2005, but we will be back with a vengeance in 2006. If you want to party, come to Skive Beach Party. See you in 2006." Like, yeah. I don't THINK so...

Gilmore Girls made me want to stick rusty nails in my eyes. There were a few moments of old-time goodness. But not enough of them.

bibliotek.dk sucks because it's too efficient. I figured I'd have to wait at least six weeks for the three Jodi Picault novels I ordered, but two of them arrived already. So now I have no choice but to sit in the sun reading Vanishing Acts, instead of revising for Grammar exam. I just don't. Right?


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